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In 2013, the law came into force in USA, according to which a minimum of $ 2000 may be set for loans with a maximum of 51% annual interest. The amendment of the law forced fast-paced companies either to stop working or to modify their product ranges. This led to the Flexible Mortgage. Since the Flexible Mortgage Credit is at least $2000, it is not bound by a 51% interest rate cap imposed by law.

Flexible Mortgage has many names, such as a Flexibility Limit, a Credit Account, and a Credit Account, all of which mean the same thing. The most well-known of these terms are Flexibility and Account Credit.

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Depending on the loan service, the Flexibility Loan is a credit account of $2000 to $50 000, the assets of which are flexibly available. The normal practice is that the loan services charge for each raise the nostoprovision you specify. In addition to Nostoprovision, the loan costs are interest and a possible monthly management fee.

Although Flexible Mortgage Loan has been issued for example $2000, the interest is only paid for the amount you raise from the Flexible Account. The number of withdrawals is not usually limited, but the ceiling is the set credit limit. Generally, the lifting commission is a percentage of the loan sum, so the amount of withdrawals has no effect on the cost.

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Once you have been granted a credit, you can transfer money through your online service provider to your own account. It is also possible for some operators to make transfers via SMS or a mobile application. The raised amount can be repaid either in full at the same time, in accordance with that due date or, alternatively, flexibly in a monthly installment, in which the credit is paid in addition to the payment plus interest.

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Currently, 22 loan services offer Flexible Loans as their loan products. Flexible credit is available from the actors below. Loan amounts, terms and repayments are listed by service. Flexible bonuses and promotions are presented above. After that, other companies offering Flexible Mortgage Loans will be presented in alphabetical order.

Discounts and promotions include flexible bonuses


OppLoans Flexible is a maximum credit of $2000. Once a credit has been granted, it is always available up to its upper limit. The application can be made at any time of the day and the money will be received as soon as the application is approved.

The lift cost of OppLoans is 7.5% and the monthly interest rate is 8.5%. No interest will be charged for the first month. The nominal annual interest rate on OppLoans is 103.42% and the actual annual rate depends on the loan period and the loan amount. Credit can be repaid either at a time or at a minimum. The minimum payment is 10% of the remaining loan or at least 100 dollars.

For new customers, OppLoans Flexible is for lifting. In addition, no interest is payable for the first month. This means that new customers will receive up to 30 days of interest-free and unpaid payment for their money.

In addition, old customers will receive a discount code of FERRA11 OppLoans Flexible Lifting Costs up to 50% discount up to $ 1000. The offer is valid on 30.11.2018 and the code is available once per customer.

OppLoans can grant Flexible credit to people living in USA who are 20 years of age who have a American social security number and who have managed their money properly. In addition, a valid e-mail address and a American bank account are required to apply for a credit.

Credit24’s Flexible Credit is called Flexible Limit. Credit24 Flexible credit is granted at a credit limit of 100 to 4000 dollars, depending on the borrower’s financial situation. The smaller the Flexibility you choose, the easier it will be. For new customers, the first month is unearned and unproductive.

Payment time for Flexibility is 1 to 36 months. The minimum monthly installment is determined by the amount to be lent, but with a long payday loan, Credit24 offers one of the lowest minima in the market. The repayment period is flexible, that is, it depends on how many bills you pay Back Bill.

Depending on the amount, the Lift Prize is between 2.95% and 6.95%, but Credit24 will not charge a withdrawal fee for the first raise, but will only be charged from the second raise. Lift order is always at least 5 dollars. The annual nominal interest rate on all loans is 40.56? 49.80%. At this time, the first month is for new customers interest-free.

The actual APR depends on the loan period and the amount. For example, the annual interest rate of $1500 for a 12-month loan is 50.2%.

Credit24 grants Flexible Mortgage to individuals over 19 years of age who are well-cared for by individuals with a personal mobile subscription, who live permanently in USA and have their own American bank account and have no credit warning. Making a Flexible Claim is possible around the clock and the money is transferred to the account between 8:00 and 22:00.

Cash Store offers 2000 $Flexible Loans and new customers receive the first withdrawal from company up to 2000 dollars at no cost. The offer is valid if the loan is repaid by the first due date. The first installment day The American limit is always the last day of the month following the month of lifting, which means that the best loan for a non-performing loan is 2 months.

In addition to the one-off payment, the Flexible Loan can be repayed in the required batches. The minimum amount is 12.5% of the remaining loan or at least 50 $ / month. In installments, the monthly interest rate is 8.9%, with a nominal annual interest rate of 106.98%.

Flexible credit can be applied to all 21 aged Americans who have good credit information and regular income. In addition, the applicant must have a mobile subscription.

Komplett Bank opened its service in USA in February 2017. The service offers up to ? 50,000 in Flexible Credit. The Complex Bank’s Flexible Credit is one of the most flexible, since if you want, you can only pay a monthly $5 account management fee and interest in a few months. It is not necessary to shorten the amount of the loan itself every month, but in the tightest months you can only pay for the aforementioned costs. You can find out the size of the minimum payment by making a free loan application. The loan offer does not bind you to take Komplett Bank’s Flexible Credit. In addition, the costs are incurred only when you use the loan.

On the Complete Bank’s front page you will find a counter, from which you can see an example of the amount of minigames for different loan sums. The nominal interest rate varies between 4.9% and 19.9% depending on the applicant, and the opening fee is between 45 and 195 dollars, depending on the loan amount. The account management fee is 5 $ / month.

Complex Bank Flexible Loans can be applied to all Americans who have reached the age of 23 who have the credit information in good condition. In addition, the applicant must have regular income. The minimum limit is 10,000 $ / year.