Mortgage loan

A mortgage loan is a new credit service that builds its work on the core American values. LLC “GOUFINGO” is a private holding company that has been successfully operating in the states in America since 2015.
In the mortgage loan, we analyze the data, understand the circumstances and look for the best solutions for your financing.
Thanks to many years of international experience of our specialists, we have made our service simple, fast, understandable and transparent.

To fill out the application you have enough access to the Internet, and to receive money – a bank card
In the “mortgage loan” you will never face hidden interest rates and complicated conditions. You decide where and how much to receive, and we are always happy to help you. It does not matter to us that you take a loan for a wedding, a holiday, or simply did not have enough to pay, your desires are our job.

We always listen to our customers. Your opinion is our compass in a continuously changing world. We always work for you.

Amount and term

Using the loan calculator on the main page of the site, you need to select the amount and term of the loan, then click “Get Credit”. If you have already used our service, submit an application through a special cabinet. With each repeated loan, our mutual trust will grow, the amount available to you will gradually increase, and the application process will decrease.


Fill out the form, indicating your card number, passport, and some general information, add, if necessary, electronic copies of documents. After that, we will analyze your personal data and let you know the decision on the application by sending an SMS message, you can also find out the solution in your personal account.

Card check

We need to make sure that you own a bank card, so a random amount of up to 1 USD will be blocked on this card, after which you will need to specify the exact amount with kopecks (for example, 0.28) in the checkbox. You can find out about the blocked amount using Internet banking, SMS from your bank (if you have this service activated) or by calling your bank’s hotline. We never withdraw this money from your account, they will be unlocked automatically. If you decide to receive money for someone else’s card, it is likely that the service, for security reasons, will reject your application.

Receiving the money

Get SMS confirmation, read and sign the contract. After that, the money is automatically credited to your card. Use with pleasure.
How to repay

In your account: using any card, you can make full repayment of the loan, or pay interest for the use and extend the term of the loan. In the case of payment through a personal account, funds are credited instantly.

Loan repayment, loan repayment loan

Will your life be troubled by the ever-increasing loan repayment loan, or even more credit, used in the past? It is more and more difficult to pay while living less and less survival? Or is it the problem that more credit is more and more difficult to track? Which, when and how much should you pay, so that you do not slip out of the deadline? Credit substitution – if certain conditions exist – can solve your problems!

What is the essence of credit substitution?

In the case of several simultaneous loans, we can “merge” all-new repayments with a new loan, and we may add a new credit on more or less favorable terms, which will make repayments less burdensome. This way our finances become more transparent. In the case of a very high installment, we can also switch to a lower installment with a longer maturity. So we can overcome the chaos and uncertainty caused by constantly changing rates. We can reduce, stabilize our repayment loan instead of the simultaneous, overwhelming total cost of multiple loans or the current high installment personal loan. We can save a significant amount each month, while we can reliably pay for the new loan with a single check or referral.

What are the conditions and documents required to apply for a credit check?

Documents to be submitted for a former personal loan (s) with bad constructions: In case of income verification and personal documents and in case of a larger amount, the bank may also apply for a taxpayer. For some banks, up to $ 5 thousand is available for uncovered personal loans. We may also apply for a new credit transfer credit to receive cash in addition to the amount of credit repayment. We may also apply for loan repayment to include a larger amount of repayment details by including a real estate collateral. The term, in this case, maybe 30 years, in some cases up to 4-8%.

How is the process of changing credit?

For personal loan:

  • Submitting applications and submitting documents to the bank
  • If necessary, the same documents are required by the taxpayer


The loan will be disbursed within 1-2 days, but in some cases, we can get some cash in a couple of hours.
Loan repayment with real estate credit:

  • Bank forms must be submitted.
  • Valuation of real estate: (this must be re-executed for each new loan, always under an on-site inspection.
  • Credit Review: This section of the process shows how much credit we are currently entitled to by credit rating and real estate value.
  • contracting
  • Loan Disbursement: In the first step the bank fulfills the claim of the old bank (s). Subsequently, if all conditions are met, the bank can immediately pay the amount.

The mortgage loan is usually ten to fourteen days from the application to the disbursement.