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What is an installment loan? In USA, it’s common to borrow money when you buy a vehicle, whether it’s the first mop you get when you are 16 years old, the first affordable car when you’re eighteen years old, a bigger and safer car when you are in the process of establishing a family, or a more eye-catching vehicle in the middle of life, perhaps when the kids have moved out and one feels a need to recapture a form of personal freedom. It is also commonplace when companies and companies acquire company cars that they do this with the help of installment loans from a bank or financial institution. Several installment loan providers specialize in installment loans to companies, while others only offer installment loans to private borrowers.

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The need for installment loans arose when the price of cars rose to a level where it became difficult for most individual buyers to make a purchase without lending money. Car dealers began to establish banks to offer installment loans, ordinary banks then began to offer similar loans. Eventually established companies specializing in installment loans.

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The vast majority of banks and financial institutions now offer installment loans or different variants of loans in connection with the purchase of car or ownership of a car. There is great competition in the installment loan market, and it is therefore important to get into the opportunities and challenges of taking up a installment loan. The best installment loan is not necessarily a cheap installment loan, but it’s always a good idea to take precautionary measures to avoid the most expensive loans.

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One of the first things you must know about considering a installment loan is that it is an advantage if you manage to cover as much of your funding as possible on your own. The same rules apply to mortgages: If you cover 40% of the cost from your own pocket, you will always get better terms than if you only manage to cover, for example, 20% of the cost of purchasing a car yourself.

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There is also a big difference between the services between the different banks and installment loan providers. Some offer legal assistance with installment loans, some have more favorable loans for the purchase of older cars, in some places there are certain requirements for kasko, elsewhere there is no requirement for kasko at all. It is also worth noting that it may be beneficial to raise installment loans with companies specializing in this and who have long experience in lending money to cars, while the terms may be better for companies that are in the process of establish themselves in the market for installment loans.

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In addition to ordinary installment loans, we find products on the market, often offered by the car dealer itself, such as pay-per-sale, car leasing (sometimes also called personal lease or agreed rental), and personal contract purchases. What’s best for you depends entirely on your financial situation and what purpose you need a car for.

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When banks and financial institutions are considering a customer seeking a installment loan, they would like to consider the customer’s income in the previous income year, the cost of the vehicle, the ratio of the vehicle’s value to the size of the installment loan, and the customer’s financial history. Often, an assessment of the vehicle itself is also made, whether it is a car that typically loses value faster than other cars or whether it is a vehicle that is expected to keep the value longer than other cars. A general rule is that cars lose 10% of their value for each year they are in use, expensive sports cars are expected to lose value faster, while safe-selling family cars may lose their value more slowly.

In today’s market, it is estimated that there is an upper limit on installment loans to private consumers, which amounts to $50,000. However, if you are going to borrow so much, you have to pay a good deal of equity yourself, you must be able to prove that you have great willingness and good income and it is difficult to get the best terms and conditions.

In principle, it is possible for several banks and financial institutions to apply for $ 10,000 to a installment loan, but this requires a very high level of equity and collateral and will result in monthly repayment rates of $10,000 or more since it is very unusual to raise installment loans that run for over 1-2 years.