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A installment loan is a consumer loan that is intended to cover less unforeseen expenses and can be agreed and taken up very quickly by means of a mobile phone subscription and communication via sms and the mortgage company. It is also fully possible to apply for such a loan by means of a tablet or PC, but in that case, the term installment loan is not correct, as the bank or mortgage company’s website is used in the application.

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Sometimes installment loans can also be referred to as mobile loans, small loans, quick loans or loan loans. The loan process usually works so that you send a text message with the required loan amount and a password to a special number (preferably a four-digit phone number), and then you wait for a confirmation. The confirmation can come in minutes, and you will need to confirm the loan amount. The required amount will be associated with a card number, and the money usually comes relatively quickly into your account. Other characteristics of installment loans are that the loan amount is low and that the repayment is expected to happen fairly quickly, preferably within a month’s time. It is common to provide installment loans without the need for security in property or mortgage.

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Since installment loans without credit check are common, such loans can historically be linked to the term microcredit, which means small loans to people who are not considered to be creditworthy by ordinary banks. Microcredit was consciously used as a kind of development aid in the 1970s to provide poor people with capital so that they could establish their own business and get out of poverty.

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First on the lane with micro-credit loans, Accion International was in Brazil in 1973, while Grameen Bank in Bangladesh established a business of the same model and pattern in 1976 after completing a successful trial project in 1974. Grameen Bank was such a big success that the founder, economist Muhammad Yunus, won in 2006 the Nobel Peace Prize for the enterprise. Yunus was born in Bangladesh, but completed her PhD education in the United States in 1969 before returning to Chittagong, the birthplace of Bangladesh. The idea of installment loans arose in an estimated richer part of the world than microcredit loans.

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Installment loans were long considered to be a distinguished phenomenon. The first mortgage company that established installment loans appeared in America in 2006. Before 2008, Indiana and Kentucky were the only countries where installment loans occurred to a large extent. The first installment loan USA experienced, occurred around 2010, at the same time as actors in Kentucky also came to the field.

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The Consumer Ombudsman in USA has criticized such loans and tried to prevent the creation of installment loans, with reference to the fact that these forms of loans are often aimed at young people and the Ombud fear that the money will be going to for example alcohol purchases during tours of the city . The Consumer Ombudsman claims that such loans may be too easy to acquire, and generally believe that fast capital should not be too easily available.

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The actors themselves point out that they recommend customers not to borrow more than they need and that this motto has been a key part of the promotion of installment loans. The vast majority of banks and mortgage companies offering different types of consumer loans also operate with a minimum age of the customer, often 20 or 21 years, in some cases up to 25 years.

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In Kentucky, legislation was introduced in 2014, which meant that all businesses that lend installment loans should apply for and get permission from the financial authorities. USA also has a similar regulation with the financial authorities, while the rules in Kentucky and Ohio are different. The laws for the marketing of such loans are tightened into USA in 2017.

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Usually you can borrow between $500 and $10,000 in USA. The banks and mortgage companies that are ranked highest in terms of purchase, offer installment loans where the lowest possible loan amount is $ 500, while those who offer loans with a smaller loan amount than this often have a very high effective interest rate, thus being ranked lower in ratings and measurements. Due to the fierce competition among the sms-borrowers, there are individuals who offer so-called interest-free 30-day installment loans of up to $2,000. Normally, however, relatively high costs should be considered in terms of effective interest rates, since installment loans tend to have higher fees and fees than other types of loans. If the loan is defaulted, it may also incur additional costs in the form of penalties and similar measures.

Two players who specialize in installment loans in today’s American market and have received a lot of media coverage due to their business, offer loans between $100 and $600 with between 15 and 45 days repayment time and loans between $100 and $2,000 with 1 – 12 months repayment period. If you need to borrow more than $ 20,000, this is also possible in some places with the use of installment loans, but instead you are recommended to consider a regular consumer loan, which usually has lower effective interest rates than installment loans.